I need help with my car


St. Louis Park Emergency Program (STEP): 952-925-4899
6812 W Lake Street, Minneapolis

Discounted car repair is available to residents of St. Louis Park. Staff must approve the repairs. 

The Lift Garage - 2401 East Lake Street in Minneapolis 612-866-5840

The Lift Garage is an affordable, non-profit auto repair service for Minnesotans of limited means. It's an innovative idea that meets a pressing need.

St. Louis Park Has many service stations. Check the yellow pages or internet for "Auto Repair."


If your car has been towed away, call the non-emergency police at 952-924-2618 to find out where it has been taken. If you own or drive a car in Minnesota you MUST have proof that you have insurance and identification in order to pick up your car. 

For information about winter parking, please call the Winter Parking Hotline at 952-924-2180. Your car can be towed if you violate winter parking- please check and be on the safe side.