I have an emergency


Dial 9-1-1 for

  • Police

  • Sheriff

  • Fire

  • Ambulance

Call this number for a health emergency such as childbirth, an accident or a life-threatening situation such as a heart attack. 

Don't be afraid to call the police. You can remain anonymous. If the dispatcher asks your name and you fear retaliation, you can simply tell the dispatcher that you would rather be anonymous; that is OK. 

If you smell gas in your home (or if your carbon monoxide detector goes off), call Centerpoint Emergency Immediately- 612-372-5050


If you live in a house, be sure that you have working detectors for smoke and carbon monoxide. If your smoke detector sounds because of burnt toast or other minor kitchen problems, open windows to air out the room.

If you  live in an apartment, call 911 if the fire alarm is sounding or if you smell or see smoke or flames. Help will come even if you do not speak on the phone. If the building alarm sounds, immediately leave the building using the hallways or stairways. Don't use the elevator. If you have a cellular phone, take it outside with you and call 911, or ask a neighbor to call. 

If you live in an apartment, do not open your apartment door or the entire building's fire alarm system may be activated. Open a window or turn on the exhaust fan to rid your apartment of smoke.